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Politick is Australia’s most powerful tool for government relations. Spend less time on admin and build long-term, game-changing relationships.

  • Every stakeholder, every interaction - no extra steps
  • Show your power
  • Grow your influence

Save time. Change minds.

How Politick can help you work faster, work smarter and work together to shape the political debate

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Work faster

Life’s too short for data entry. Politick takes the grunt work out of your job, so you have more time for strategy, creativity and relationship-building.

  • Up-to-date profiles of every Member of Parliament
  • Rapid stakeholder mapping
  • Automatic capture of stakeholder interactions

Every action you take today helps grow your power for the long-term.

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Work faster

Work smarter

Politick is a wholistic stakeholder tracking platform, bringing in data from across your organisation. People, places and the big bucks - track everything you care about across electorate boundaries

  • Unique data insights
  • Advanced mapping
  • Custom reports in seconds

Put context around your campaigns and shape the debate.

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Work smarter

Work together

Get the right message to the right person, every time. Politick contains all the features you need to collaborate internally and engage your stakeholders and supporters. Save time and money by using in-app tools to send personalised updates on key campaigns.

  • Retain institutional knowledge
  • Easier team-work
  • In-app letters, emails and SMS

Politick cleverly combines every aspect of your stakeholder management in one centralised place.

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Work together

Politick does more

Politick is not just a database of parliamentarians. It’s about what makes your organisation unique. If you’re wanting to reduce the number of systems across your organisation and gain richer insights, Politick has extra tools that help you do more with less.

Politick+Business gives you all the tools to engage stakeholders and track your clients. Follow clients from prospect to contract to renewal, all with easy tools to stay on top of the details and never miss an opportunity.

Politick+Connect brings member and supporter management into one place. Whether you're a peak body needing to keep track of member organisations, or a grassroots advocacy group wanting to reach and engage more supporters, Politick can help you manage subscriptions, donations and so much more. Plus, you get the double value of being able to connect your supporters with your political advocacy. View your membership across electoral boundaries or quickly point your supporters to their local MP with personalised communication.

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Can’t wait to get started? Talk to one of our team today about how quick and easy it is to dive into Politick and start growing your power. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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