We want to revolutionise how you engage and interact with stakeholders; making your life easy, so you can spend more time making a difference.

Why Politick?

We created Politick because charities, public sector organisations and private sector companies were all telling us that managing their engagement with stakeholders was a nightmare.

We heard stories of trying to search through thousands of old emails trying to find something relevant. Of spreadsheets with thousands of rows but no real idea of what information was in there (or how to use it). Of having no way of finding out what current or former colleagues had agreed in previous meetings with the stakeholder you’re meeting this afternoon.

Politick creates the opportunity to change that. To build up a record of your organisation’s interactions without any time spent “logging” and “recording” giving you back the time you need to engage with the people that matter.

We’re here to help you spend less time messing around, and more time doing what you’re here to do. Whatever your goals, Politick can help you achieve them. Let’s get started today!

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