Features & benefits

Politick is not just a database of parliamentarians, it’s about what makes your organisation unique. With more customisation and more ways to save time, Politick is build to help you grow your power.

Grow your capacity

Politick helps minimise admin grunt work, by tracking conversations with contacts and maintaining accurate notes on interactions. No more copy-pasting, messy spreadsheets and double handling to get the job done. Use our in-built list of all Members of Parliament and add your own key stakeholders to quickly create lists of influential decision-makers. 

  • Full profiles for MPs, Committees and Departments
  • Create personalised reports and emails in seconds
  • Every interaction logged as you work
Grow your capacity

Grow your knowledge

Politick makes your data infinitely more powerful and personalised - and helps retain institutional knowledge. Everything your organisation does can be mapped and understood across electorate boundaries, giving you the power to tailor your message to each and every Member of Parliament with just a few clicks. Generate richer data to drive your strategy and amplify your impact.

  • Electorate insights and reports
  • Leverage supporter, member or client networks
  • Track funding, grants and more
Grow your knowledge

Grow your collaboration

Whether it’s jotting down a Minister’s coffee order or executing a complex campaign strategy, Politick makes it easy to share information across your team, coordinate your message and put your plan into action. Track your progress and view live statistics of your team’s workload and output, all in the one place. 

  • Share tasks and reminders across your team
  • Ideal for remote or hybrid work
  • Never lose track of a person, issue or file again


Grow your collaboration

Grow your network

Sick of having a different tool for each element of your organisation? End the siloing and save time and money by adding on Politick’s additional member and client-tracking features. Whether you’re a grassroots organisation excited about engaging your supporters or an agency needing to keep track of clients, Politick has time-saving features to make the admin easy. 

  • Automated supporter journeys
  • Full-service membership management
  • Track clients from first conversation to contract


Grow your network

Grow your voice

Formal letter, email, SMS or phone – advocacy relies on getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Politick does it all, and all in one place. Create customisable groups based on issue, interest or influence and reach your stakeholders and supporters where they’re at. Let Politick amplify your message and watch your power grow in real-time.

  • In-app bulk communication tools
  • Easy, powerful list builder
  • Track and improve engagement
Grow your voice

Grow your influence

Efficiency powers effectiveness. With more time to build relationships and deeper analytics to inform your strategy, Politick puts the power in your hands to shape the debate. Celebrate and learn from your wins by viewing a campaign from start to finish and leverage the knowledge you’ve gained to build on your success, time and time again.

  • Deeper relationships
  • Enhanced strategy
  • Campaign reports show your success


Grow your influence

Get started

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